Is Richard Armstrong Out Of The Loop?

When you’re unknown and trying to make a name for yourself, your confidence can get a bit low.

But that was never the case with direct mail supremo Richard Armstrong.

But it wasn’t until Armstrong got to the top of his game that he got noticed by the king of direct mail, Richard V Benson.

Benson asked Armstrong where he had been hiding all this time.

And Armstrong’s response was: “I guess you’re out of the loop”.

Despite Benson’s massive fame, he had lost touch with what was going on out there in the real world.

Anyway, here’s the thing. Whether you’re in the loop with your peers or not is irrelevant.

The only ‘loop’ that matters is you and your audience.

So ask yourself the question: “Are you in the loop?”

Quentin Pain

Quentin Pain is an author, speaker, and writer on entrepreneurship, business start ups and growth. He is a 'Dummies' series author and founder of a number of books on business and marketing.