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How Your Body Helps You Become Legendary

Amy Cuddy’s talk on TED is vital for your future wealth

If you don’t get tears in your eyes by the end of this incredible talk, you need therapy 🙂

When it comes to confrontations and stressful situations, two hormones play an important role according to Amy Cuddy.

These are testosterone (power) and cortisol (fear).

The reason your mouth dries up in stressful situations (public speaking, interviews, power meetings etc.) is that your cortisol goes up.

So if you can find a way to reduce it, you should do everything you can to learn it.

And that’s what Amy’s talk is all about.

It is absolutely remarkable and will change your life forever.

Here’s the really important bit, once you know the ‘trick’:

  1. Our bodies change our minds
  2. Our minds change our behaviour
  3. Our behaviour changes our outcomes

And it only takes 2 minutes to do it!

Becoming Legendary just got a whole lot easier!