Does Video Really Improve Conversion Rates – Case Study

This case study was conducted just before the turn of the year 2014 and tests two landing pages, one with video and one without to see which one converted better over a 30 day period.

The test was carried out on Accounting for Everyone, which helps people learn accounting so they can make more sense of the figures their accountant produces for them (and in turn become better at business).

The site also has an optin front end, which I will feature in another case study later – feel free to sign up by the way – accounting is not hard and can be really fun!

After visitors optin, they are sent to a ‘thank you’ page that lets them know what to do next.

Here’s the page with the video (case study A).

image of landing page for video conversion rate case study A


The video is 26 seconds long and the call to action is at the bottom of the page (well below the fold).

That latter fact is an important item in this case study by the way as most tests show that calls to action should be in the top half of the page (above the ‘fold’) so they are not missed.

Landing page B is more or less the same but without the video, and the call to action link is above the fold.

The call to action for both pages is to encourage subscribers to go to week 1 of the course.

This gets them involved right away without the need to confirm their subscription immediately.

As well as the call to action in the text, they can also go directly to week 1 from the link in the menu on the side bar.

So my expectation was that there would be little difference in interaction between the two pages.

How wrong I was!

It just proves that what may seem obvious, isn’t necessarily so.

So, here’s the results. All figures were from Google Analytics by the way.

Let’s do it in reverse order:

Case B – No Video

video landing page case study B

There were 84 visits to this page and 55 clicked the link, making the conversion rate 65%.

That’s a very healthy conversion rate by the way.

Case A – With Video

video landing page case study A

There were 222 visits (this page won, so the first one got turned off, hence the higher number).

The conversion rate was a massive 89%.

Considering that the call to action was at the bottom of the page (requiring a scroll on most devices), 9 out of 10 people clicked the link.

That can only be down to the video, since the other page made it a lot simpler.

Note that this also improved the bounce rate for the site, since visitors were now staying at least 26 seconds longer.


Add a video to your ‘thank you’ pages for better retention, bounce rate and conversions.

Quentin Pain

Quentin Pain is an author, speaker, and writer on entrepreneurship, business start ups and growth. He is a 'Dummies' series author and founder of a number of books on business and marketing.

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Catherine Pain - January 18, 2014 Reply

A very interesting case study which has helped to prompt me into action regarding my own business behaviours. Thank you so much! 😀

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